Penis Enlargement – Is it Possible Without Surgery?

Male enhancement, better known as penis enlargement, is big business. Over the past decade millions of men have tried at least one form of enlargement technique, and some have tried many. Most men have at least considered taking Enzyte or Extenze pills, mainly because they are so heavily advertised. Some have considered surgery, while others try one of those gadgets, such as a pump or stretching device. Are any of these methods safe? Can you increase the size of your penis without surgery, or by taking pills and using some sort of crazy gadget? Let’s look at the safety issues first.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

These pills are sold by the billions each year. Regardless of the brand name, most have one thing in common. They contain an herb that is potentially dangerous! Almost every enhancement pill contains an herb called yohimbe. This herb has been linked to heart and respiratory problems, and should never be taken, even in small doses, without strict supervision of a physician. The FDA has warned against the inclusion of this harmful ingredient, but the pill manufacturers continue to include it in their products. Besides the fact that no pill in the world can increase penile size, the health risks associated with enhancement pills is just to high for them to be considered safe!

What Harm Can A Penis Pump Cause?

Gadgets like penis extenders, pumps and stretchers may seem harmless, but the risk of serious injuries are very real. The most common injuries with each of these devices are painful blisters and bruises. In rare instances infection can set in, and if blood vessels and capillaries are damaged you could be left with a deformed penis, and become permanently impotent! These contraptions will not produce any permanent penis growth and should be avoided.

Is Surgery The Best Option For Penis Enlargement?

While surgery can provide slight increases in penis size, the side effects can be less than desirable. Scarring is inherit with any type of surgery, but a surgical procedure on the penis could create scars that lead to a deformed state. Impotence is a real possibility following this type of surgery, too. Because the cost of penile enlargement surgery is so high ( usually in excess of $10,000) there have not been enough cases to do a valid study on benefits versus risks. Let it be enough to say it is not the best option!

What Is The Safest Way To Increase Penis Size?

The safest method is good old fashion exercise! A good penis exercise plan has no side effects at all, and will not take up much time to perform. About 10 minutes a day is all that is required to produce some nice gains in both length and thickness. Everything you gain will be permanent, too. Penis exercises are less expensive than monthly renewals of Enzyte or Extenze pills, and definitely less than a $10,000 surgical procedure! They are easier than wearing a penis extender for 5 or 6 hours a day, and they have one more benefit…THEY WORK! Now, don’t be misled. You are not going to make giant gains like so many advertisements claim. But, if you follow a daily routine as directed, you should gain an inch of both length and girth within a few weeks.

Penis enlargement is not easy. There are no magic pills or gadgets that can make the gains appear overnight. If you are serious about adding some permanent size you will have to put forth a little effort. Get a good penis exercise plan and follow it exactly as suggested. It won’t be long before the gains will begin. Stick with the program and both you, and your woman will be pleased with the results!

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