Penis Enlargement – Is it Possible Without Surgery?

Male enhancement, better known as penis enlargement, is big business. Over the past decade millions of men have tried at least one form of enlargement technique, and some have tried many. Most men have at least considered taking Enzyte or Extenze pills, mainly because they are so heavily advertised. Some have considered surgery, while others try one of those gadgets, such as a pump or stretching device. Are any of these methods safe? Can you increase the size of your penis without surgery, or by taking pills and using some sort of crazy gadget? Let’s look at the safety issues first.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

These pills are sold by the billions each year. Regardless of the brand name, most have one thing in common. They contain an herb that is potentially dangerous! Almost every enhancement pill contains an herb called yohimbe. This herb has been linked to heart and respiratory problems, and should never be taken, even in small doses, without strict supervision of a physician. The FDA has warned against the inclusion of this harmful ingredient, but the pill manufacturers continue to include it in their products. Besides the fact that no pill in the world can increase penile size, the health risks associated with enhancement pills is just to high for them to be considered safe!

What Harm Can A Penis Pump Cause?

Gadgets like penis extenders, pumps and stretchers may seem harmless, but the risk of serious injuries are very real. The most common injuries with each of these devices are painful blisters and bruises. In rare instances infection can set in, and if blood vessels and capillaries are damaged you could be left with a deformed penis, and become permanently impotent! These contraptions will not produce any permanent penis growth and should be avoided.

Is Surgery The Best Option For Penis Enlargement?

While surgery can provide slight increases in penis size, the side effects can be less than desirable. Scarring is inherit with any type of surgery, but a surgical procedure on the penis could create scars that lead to a deformed state. Impotence is a real possibility following this type of surgery, too. Because the cost of penile enlargement surgery is so high ( usually in excess of $10,000) there have not been enough cases to do a valid study on benefits versus risks. Let it be enough to say it is not the best option!

What Is The Safest Way To Increase Penis Size?

The safest method is good old fashion exercise! A good penis exercise plan has no side effects at all, and will not take up much time to perform. About 10 minutes a day is all that is required to produce some nice gains in both length and thickness. Everything you gain will be permanent, too. Penis exercises are less expensive than monthly renewals of Enzyte or Extenze pills, and definitely less than a $10,000 surgical procedure! They are easier than wearing a penis extender for 5 or 6 hours a day, and they have one more benefit…THEY WORK! Now, don’t be misled. You are not going to make giant gains like so many advertisements claim. But, if you follow a daily routine as directed, you should gain an inch of both length and girth within a few weeks.

Penis enlargement is not easy. There are no magic pills or gadgets that can make the gains appear overnight. If you are serious about adding some permanent size you will have to put forth a little effort. Get a good penis exercise plan and follow it exactly as suggested. It won’t be long before the gains will begin. Stick with the program and both you, and your woman will be pleased with the results!

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Get More Bang For Your Advertising Bucks With Digital Signs

Digital signs are can make your signage dollars become a more effective marketing tool because they are a way to grab attention and get your message across to potential customers or existing clients. In fact, your content is fully-customized to communicate the messages you need to get out on large-format LCD digital displays. You can produce vibrant and colorful signage that can be designed to run around the clock, without the worry of “burn-in” that some monitors, such as plasma, might experience.

When you are looking for a way to create a visual display for any type of purpose, today’s digital signs give you the ability to control your network of displays through software that can be centrally controlled, making it easy to broadcast your messages to the locations you need to at the time you need to. When you think about the possible uses for this type of display signage, it is easy to see how you can make your advertising dollars go further with signage that constantly changes, yet is visually appealing.

Your complete display system includes the software program that can be configured and customized, the creative services that can help you design your custom pages, LCD display screens, the media player, mounts or enclosures, cables for connection and the installation services. The software allows you to integrate live data, include multiple users, and you can mix multiple types of display content. You can target content that you want to send to displays and schedule when it will run or monitor your displays through the monitoring feature. You can incorporate stock quotes, sports scores, local weather and the latest news or you might want to display video and flash files, images and web pages.

Through the use of advanced technology in video display monitors that are used for signage, your displays can be customized to include whatever you wish to display. For example, large hotels might want to broadcast happy hour announcements for the lounge, display their breakfast menu through the elevator lobbies or might want to feature special events that will be occurring throughout the day in the reception area. The displays can be changed at various times of the day and scheduled to display different announcements throughout the day, making them helpful for many applications in a variety of business and educational facilities.

The LCD Displays come in sizes to suit every situation and budget. You will find sizes that range from 32 inches to 82 inches, with commercial grade options that include high bright options for all conditions and environments. With prices that range from $1400 to $45,000 for the largest displays, you can select multiple displays or one large display to get your messages across in the most appealing manner.

No matter what applications you are considering for your digital signs, you can get “more bang for the buck” when you use advanced technology in display signage that can be customized to fit your promotional needs.

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Fix Your Freezing Computer

Does your computer keep freezing unexpectedly? Does your PC not operate like it should?

If you are searching for solutions to fix annoying computer problems, keep reading this brief article and you will find ways to remove those issues and greatly improve your PC’s performance.

Many times when your computer is acting up and constantly freezing, the issue originates from your windows registry system. Before going to a professional or wasting your time looking on the internet to figure out what’s wrong with your computer, keep in mind that your PC’s registry is one of the most fragile parts of windows.

The registry system stores all the information needed to operate your programs. When you install, edit and delete programs, the computer’s registry builds up with problematic information causing issues such as slow internet, active x malfunctions and most commonly it slows down your PC causing it to freeze. Don’t forget, a “broken” computer registry is the number 1 cause of computer errors

When your computer keeps freezing, it can be fixed by simply cleaning your registry system. It may seem like a confusing and complicated task if you don’t know what you’re doing but fortunately you can find registry repair programs that are highly effective and will automatically clean your registry with just a click of your mouse. Never try to manually edit and repair your computer’s registry; there will be no doubt you will end up causing more problems! Online there are free system scans available for you to download so that you can use those utilities to repair your computer’s issues and no longer have the pain of your PC freezing.

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Keep Your Email SAFE With Encryption

You already know why you need secure email. Perhaps you’re in a sector that’s covered by federal email encryption mandates such as health care or finance, maybe you have statewide mandates to protect consumer data, or you recognize the inherent insecurities of email and want to increase your email security in order to protect your valuable trade secrets from prying eyes. In any case, the decision of which encrypted email service to choose can be a daunting one – one full of technical jargon, shortcuts, incompatibilities, and more.

All you need to remember is to “keep your email S.A.F.E.”.

S is for “Secure”
This seems like a no-brainer. You’re encrypting your email, it HAS to be “Secure”, right? Not always.

Password protected files are easily cracked. TLS only protects point-to-point, and there are frequently 3-10 servers that handle each email message you send.

A is for “Accurate”
Accuracy is of utmost importance when dealing with email encryption. The most common reason for sensitive data to be sent in the clear is user error. An email encryption service must provide a “safety net” including filters that can trap data that is commonly accepted as “secure” such as social security numbers, and also highly-targeted filters for HIPAA compliance, Massachusetts and Nevada privacy laws, etc. Try to find out and use what the “big boys” use in your field.

F is for “Fault-tolerant”
If you have a single point of failure for your email encryption schema, and that point breaks (as it will sooner or later), what are you going to do, not send any sensitive email until it’s fixed?

The most cost effective way of adding redundancy and reliability to your infrastructure is by moving to the cloud. Economies of scale allow cloud email services to provide all the above benefits and more at a cost that’s a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself. Also, they should include multiple locations and 24/7/365 monitoring and support of their infrastructure.

E is for “Easy”
No matter what the benefit, or how bad the penalty, people won’t use a system that is too difficult.

Your users will forget (or say they did) to use a different email client to send encrypted email.

Recipients might not be able to open messages if it takes installing a program on their computer as their IT department may have that locked down.

Try to find an email encryption service that requires minimal setup, almost no maintenance, and works within the SMTP protocol guaranteeing compatibility with virtually every mail server on the planet.
The optimal email encryption service will offer transparent encryption/decryption to a select group of users, and easy access to others (again without compromising “S for Security”). Again, hosted email encryption services are especially well suited to this.

In summary, email encryption is complicated, and should be handled by experts. However, choosing the right solution is as simple as remembering to keep your email “S.A.F.E.”.

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