Do the Facebook Applications Really Help in Facing the Customer Community in the Informal Way?

There has been great hue and cry about the social media marketing these days. People have just gone crazy in making their social media presence a beneficial venture for their business. Some of them are just running simple content based campaigns, providing links to the newly written blog posts or just sharing the latest news regarding their industry on their business page. Some go a step ahead and provide details of their products or services and draw informal criticism from the consumer market. The question arises here that do these campaigns really help in reading the consumer behavior in a better way and developing long term business relationship? Majority is not sure about the above approaches but those having Facebook applications have proofs to show that social networking really works. Following are the salient benefits of having custom Facebook applications:

1 – Highly subconscious interaction:

Facebook app development are generally developed on fun grounds. They do not contain details or specifications of a company. They only engage the visitor in healthy social activities. This approach gives birth to an all exclusive, non-professional relationship between the business and the visitor. Users might always not be in need of your services or the products but nobody is ever run out of the hunger of costless recreation. This trend keeps your company or brand name all fresh in the memory of the customer and his visiting your page off and on keeps him updated of the latest trends and products. Hence, whenever, he is need of any of the products that you deal in, the first name to strike in his mind will be f your company or the brand name.

2 – Quality of the Application provides a guess to the quality of your services or the products:

Moreover, the quality of the Facebook application directory helps the new customers in predicting the level of services you provide or the products you deal in. The more interactive and high end technology used on your application, the better will be the image of your company goods in the customer’s eyes. Similarly, its user-friendliness range and the power and nature of the message, subconsciously give the idea of the usability of your products and benefits of your services.

3 – You can easily have consumer clusters ideal for viral campaigns:

By having Facebook App Development like games, you can have several groups of active social media users. Whenever, there is a time of a viral campaign, just ignite the spark by sharing the details and you will see the viral blast of that piece of cake across thousands of Facebook users, even those not members of your page. Over a matter of a couple of hours, your news update or the new product can become visible to global market.

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What It Takes to Be a Great iPhone App Developer

Did you ever wonder how come some people follow their passions to riches and others simply can’t seem to make it, no matter how passionate they are? Well, this is not the story of how I made it as an iPhone app developer; it is the story of how I got the chance to see what true passion really looks like. It started from the moment I graduated college and decided that I would start my own company developing apps.

I personally prefer the Android platform, simply because it started as an open source platform and I always put my trust in the companies that do what they do out of a deep need to find perfection, like the Linux community is trying to do, rather than just from a desperate search for money. However, the truth remains that Android based apps are harder to promote and to sell precisely because there are so many developers out there and it seems almost impossible to get your app in front of the users. This does not mean that I was not successful but that I hadn’t gotten to a place where I would feel good about my company.

So I decided that the only thing that would really start giving us some traction was if we started to create iPhone apps too. For that reason I decided I would contact a very old friend who had been in love with his iPhone for years and had been developing his own apps for virtually anything he needed. The only problem was that he considered iPhone app development his passion and thought that he would take something away from that if he started thinking about money too.

However I managed to convince him to come down to the office, take on a maximum of 3 projects on a trial basis and, after that, if he still felt that working with me and sharing his projects with the iPhone app community took something out of his passion that we would call it quits.

So we started working together and the most interesting thing happened: it wasn’t that entering the iPhone app market made a tremendous change, particularly since we had been working together for only a month, but I found myself working longer and longer hours. And I had thought I had been passionate about my company before, but when my friend started working with me I saw the real meaning of passion.

When he started working on his first app, the first day, he stayed in the office until 1 AM and he forgot about lunch and would have skipped dinner to if I hadn’t phoned for pizza. The next day he was in the office at 8 AM and worked till late in the evening.

And because he was so dedicated to what he was doing I felt that I could do no less and I started working as hard as he did. Now, I had been working 8 hours a day before, sometimes even throughout the weekends, but by following my friend’s schedule I was able to increase my productivity by almost 50% and that was the moment when the true passion came into our office and we really started being successful.

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Best Data Protection Is Cloud Based Computer Backup and Online Storage Systems

Have you ever experienced saving your files in your computer then suddenly, because of some technical problems, all your files are nowhere to be found?

It can be very frustrating to experience this problem especially if it involves important documents. The same problem can also happen due to fortuitous event such as flood, fire or earthquake which, in worst cases, can substantially affect the condition of your computer and can lead to your digital files being destroyed.

Fortunately, there is a safer and more reliable way to back-up your files compared to just storing it in a flash drive, in the drive of a computer or external hard disk.

Companies know the worth of your digital information; hence they came up with a service called online data backup and cloud services.

Online data backup and cloud services provide users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of digital files. This technological advancement offers the advantage of securely storing your files at off-site server locations.

One of the reasons why people are now taking advantage of this technology is that it gives them piece of mind with regard to the safekeeping of their files. Storage of the digital files is done with highest degree of security to ensure its safety in the online cloud. No thief can threaten the security of your files since cloud backup companies provide both physical and encryption security to protect your valuable digital data.

Second, it provides ease of access to its consumers who can now check their files anytime and anywhere by just logging in to the website from any web browser. This is especially useful to those who have a hard time remembering to bring their storage devices as they will no longer need them every time they leave their house or office. Moreover, for the many people who now use smart phones and tablets, your files can be accessed through these mobile devices as long as you have an internet connection.

Also, one of the services included is the automatic backup of the digital files from your computer to the cloud without any action required of the user. The programs provided by the online cloud backup companies does the work of saving your files without you having to transfer the files manually. Just set it and forget it.

Lastly, the amount of data that can be stored in the cloud is unlimited. You can now backup all your photos, music, videos, emails and documents no matter what their size is. This is the solution to the problem of portable storage devices which have limited storage capacity.

Having said all of that, it is no wonder why people now resort to cloud backup and online storage systems when it comes to the storing of their files. It’s like bringing an invisible folder with you everywhere you go!

One final note to keep in mind as you look for the service that you are going to use to protect your digital treasures. There are many online cloud backup companies but not all are equal. Look for ones that offer true unlimited storage without hidden fees and be sure your data is encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption keeping your files safe and secure.

Piece of mind comes when you know your computer digital content is safe.

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Mitsuba Digital Cameras

With the digital age sweeping the world, more and more companies are now venturing into the digital market. With the demand for digital products increasing steadily, more and more companies are now selling digital cameras, digital camcorders and many other similar products. One of the many companies venturing into this booming market is Top Year Int’l. Top Year Int’l Inc is the producer of Mitsuba Digital Cameras.

Top Year International was first established in the year 1989. Back then, the company first began as a producer of traditional 35 millimeter cameras. But because of the boom and the increasing demand for digital camera products, the company has expanded and is now producing high quality digital cameras and digital camcorders. These cameras range from general quality promotional giveaways to high definition digital cameras and camcorders.

Queen Lines (Xiamen) Camera Co. Ltd, its factory, has been specializing in producing top quality cameras since its establishment in 1990. The company has over one thousand employees and 13% of them are dedicated to Research and Development of their products. Its annual production is over USD $18,000,000. These figures should give you some idea of the care that goes into production of cutting edge cameras.

The factory has produced cameras such as DV, DSC, automatic and manual films cameras to serve every customer’s needs. The factory aims to provide outstanding, first-class quality products and great customer service at a very reasonable price.

Since its creation in the 1990’s, Queen Lines has now expanded to a stable and healthy company. It now boasts 1, 300 employees, 18 production lines, 2 spray painting lines, 18 printing facilities and 40 plastic injection molding machines. All of which are imported from different countries. It also boasts that all of their products are made of top quality imported materials. Unsurprising then that over the years, Mitsuba Digital cameras have been enjoying the growing support of global clients.

The company is slowly becoming a major player and manufacturer of both manual and automatic cameras. Since the year 2000, it has been developing still digital cameras and digital video camcorders that offer options to consumers. These cameras are of high quality, produce great pictures and are very much reasonably priced.

Equipped with a 4.1 mega pixel chip that can render sharp images, Mitsuba digital cameras are very innovative and are intuitively made for the modern consumer who is always on the run. The camera is compact and lightweight, and it comes in a waterproof case. Mitsuba digital cameras come with a number of accessories. It supports AVI file formats and allows long distance focusing, so you can take picture perfect ling shots. Its 16 Mb internal memory allows you to record pictures, sounds or videos. The LCD viewfinder is a little narrow, being only 1.5 inches wide. But since it is built on a swivel, you can easily take or vie pictures at various angles. The camera looks good too. It is sleek and has a silver metallic, glossy finish.

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